How we work with you

There is one skill above all others that consultancy and mentoring clients should look for when choosing someone to help them with their particular issues.  They need to find a good listener, someone who is able to reassure them that they are paying close attention, being treated uniquely and not being put through some formulaic activity that might or might not work for them.

The Professionalism Group and all of its associates are expert in providing that listening ear, ensuring that clients are treated in a respectful and empathic way, then utilising what we hear and learn about our clients to find the most appropriate way forward.  Our long experience obviously contributes enormously to that process but it all begins with a dialogue.

In most cases our first, introductory discussions are free-of-charge and will establish how and if we are able to help.  We will always be honest and clear if it is unlikely that we will be able to assist appropriately.  In those cases, if we are able to refer onwards then we will do so with pleasure.

In this way, our clients are assured of the best and most appropriate method for tackling their issues and, in most cases, come back time and again to continue working with us in further developing their organisations and personal careers.