About Susie Kay - Founder and Managing Director

One of the easiest ways to resolve a problem is to find the right person to help.


So, the best way to find out if we will be a good match is to have a no-obligation conversation. 

I will get to know what you need and you will get a feel for my approach to advising or resolving issues. 

You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and I will be honest in telling you whether I believe I can help. 

If it’s not me, then I will try and point you in the right direction.

So just call me on 07968 583098 or drop me a line at susiekay@theprofessionalismgroup.co.uk and we will arrange a time to talk. 

If you still need some more background before we speak then you may have some key questions

How do I know you can provide the advice and services I need?

I have a long association, about 20 years, with the non-profit sector, working with organisations of varying types and sizes so I fully understand the drivers affecting your organisations as they evolve over time, as well as the complexity in organisations which depend on a mix of volunteer and paid staff.  Knowing that both structures and behaviours have fundamental effects on how well organisations are governed means that governance projects can be truly enlightening, both for the organisation and its volunteers and members.

I have a passion for the importance and benefits of good governance and many years’ experience of the  challenges which your organisation faces at each stage of its maturity.  ‘Political’ and financial realities can drive strategic requirement so a consultant from within the sector is a real advantage, both in the initial discovery stage and later implementation stages of any project. 

I also have a career long dedication to the concepts and benefits of professional development.  I, therefore, continue to develop my expertise in a variety of contexts.  I am the Governance & CPD Ambassador for the MemberWise Network; I have a long-standing relationship with the Trade Association Forum offering advice on Governance via their conference programme;  I am a founding member of the Expert Advisory Board of the CPD Standards Office for The Professional Development Consortium ;  I am a founding Director of The Society of Association and Membership Professionals (SAMP) which aims to gain recognition for the skills and competences of those who work in the Third Sector;  I have been a specialist advisor for The FSI Big Advice Day.  

What experience do you have of the challenges I am facing?

Having previously held senior management roles as well as current experience in working across a diverse range of sectors, I have been intimately involved in periods of organisational change and development, both as an employee and an external consultant.  Having a view of both sides of the action has been extremely valuable in the contributions I am now able to make.  A pragmatic and analytical approach means that I will usually get to the root of any difficulties quickly and directly. 

My experience means that I have come across and dealt with many of the challenges you and your colleagues may be facing: 

  • Overdue governance reviews

  • Overdue planning discussions

  • Confusion over roles and responsibilities

  • Operating without strategic oversight or appropriate documentation

  • Lack of financial or risk accountability

  • Lack of separation between strategic and operational roles

  • Absentee or micro-managing board members

  • Fear of necessary change

  • Poor governance having an inevitable effect on membership numbers

What types of services and support do you provide?

Your combination of support and services will really be determined by what you need.  Issues may require a combination of: 

  • Governance audit and reviews, including recommendations

  • Facilitation of strategic or overdue discussions

  • Decision-making workshops

  • Training for Board members

  • Mentoring for Chief Executives, Leadership Team members, Board Directors or Trustees

  • Mediating difficult personnel situations

  • Independent external assistance to panels

In every case an independent and unbiased voice will bring integrity, enthusiasm, passion and energy to the tasks in hand. 

What types of non-profit organisations do you work with?

Over 90% of my work is in the non-profit sector and, in many cases, the relationship built with clients means that, following an initial project, I am called back to assist when the need for further advice or new issues arise.  Although each organisation is unique there are some commonalities and among my clients are:

  • Trade Associations

  • Professional bodies

  • Membership organisations

  • Member-based Charities

  • Non-profits limited by guarantee

  • Social enterprises