How to Spot a Dinosaur or How to Thrive and Survive in the Workplace REVIEWS

“Put simply, I believe this is excellent. If you plan to buy only one business-oriented book this year, make sure it’s Dinosaur.

The tremendous advantage of this book over hundreds of other publications is that it works for so many different types of people in a whole range of jobs and functions. Combining insight with wit, fun with analysis, visual with written, it caters for a myriad of readers whatever their preferred style of thinking and learning.

I really can’t think of another book which draws together so many practical, useful, yet novel strands of how to understand yourself and your fellow workers – and what to do with what you discover, so mutual understanding and greater business success will follow. I’m even finding it helpful in analysing current and prospective clients!    For me, this is the ‘must-have’ book of the year. I urge you to buy it NOW.”

- Sir Henry Boyle, Business Consultant and Trainer, The Business Support Group

“Easy to read and absorb, this book will put you in control and have a positive impact in both home and work life. I love the simplicity of it. A fantastic read!”  — Sophie Burnett, Director, PA Business Support

“Love the language, prose and style, had me smiling regularly!  A delightful read that is spot-on with describing characters often found in the workplace. Well done!! It must have taken a serious commitment to put it all together so well." - Amanda Rosewarne, Director of CPD Accreditation & Research, CPD Standards Office

“It was a fab read!! A fascinating and useful tool that allows you to understand your own and others personality and traits at a glance. This book not only illustrates how you may be interacting with others and why but also shows you how colleagues and friends in your personal life can perceive you and your actions. A book I shall refer to time after time, utilising the thought provoking exercise sections. An entertaining read with some laugh out loud moments of realisation!”  -Jenny O’Brien, Commercial Manager, CranfieldImpact Centre, Cranfield University

‘I read your sample pages then just had to buy the book to see the rest. So far I think I'm an elephant with a touch of owl.....’ - Wendy F, NHS Wales

“I think I am part Elephant, Ostrich and a touch of Fox! A must read by Susie Kay!”     – Paul Cecil, Barley House Group

“A master class in understanding human nature, communication and the forces pervading issues which are not just about work issues but life issues as well. Thanks very much.”  - Jack B, Business Executive

“A really easy to read book with useful tips to get by in the world of work and conquer office politics. More so than ever, we have a very complex business environment and this book successfully simplifies it, breaking down these difficult people into animal types. I'd recommend buying this.” – W F Pointing

“An easy to read book to help identify personality types in the workplace by helping the reader identify with animals. The Ostrich type enables a sweeping view with a reputation for burying their head in the sand or the Mole, determined, tenacious with a nose for sniffing out opportunities. Once you have identified your own animal there are lots of useful tips and exercises for reaching goals and being successful at work. This book will now form part of my therapy bookshelf and I look forward to using this with clients who have work issues." – Andrea Harrn

“An excellent quick read to get you back on course. This book contains lots of information I already knew but had forgotten to put into practice. Brief but succinct it reminded me that I have to think and plan if I want to achieve anything. Best of all it made me smile!” – Wendy Foster

“Such practical advice - bang up to date observations and solutions to bring professionalism into your workplace - at any level! How important it is to take such sound advice - we can all benefit from recognising the need to progress and lead our business based on sound principles. Establish self-respect for ourselves and our clients - snooze and you lose!” – Moira Gomes

“Hurrah! the truth at last. Your life comes from you, no one else. Working on you is the task of life. Working with Pipes and Drains, I like that simplicity and all the depth with loads of quotes. Strange to find I am a swan, with a bit of elephant and Fox! Wonder what one of those looks like. Well done! Excellent resource!”– P Hanley

“Not only does this book help you to identify which 'animal(s)' you are in the workplace, it also provides a practical step by step approach to help you successfully move forward in your career or indeed move into the career you want to have instead. Susie and Kathy put forward their ideas in a straightforward manner in an easy to read style. A must for those particularly, who are perhaps losing the enthusiasm they once had in their job, or who feel they need a career change.” – Alan S.

"I'm early on in my career and I (...) found the book to be hugely useful in understanding myself and others in a wider context.  It is clearly laid out, easy to read and is a great aid to professional well being." - H Saffron

"An easy to read book to help identify personality types in the workplace.  Lots of useful tips and exercises for reaching goals and being successful at work. This book will now form part of my therapy bookshelf and I look forward to using this with clients who have work issues." – D Brookson

Professionalism: The ABC for Success REVIEWS

1. "An excellent recipe book for professionalism - all the key ingredients are here at your fingertips."


2. "Practical advice which can easily fit into your working day and life. This book is definitely going on my bookshelf!" 

3. “Have been reading your book, it is a real treat for the mind.”

4. ‘Professionalism: The ABC to Success’ is a refreshing and handy guide that reminds us of what it is to become a true professional; regardless of career stage and sector. The book is structured into ‘bite-sized’ sections and is a ‘must read’ for anyone looking to understand or revisit their understanding of the definition (and associated traits) of professionalism.’ 

5. "It is not only a book on professionalism, it is also a manual for living”

6. “Looking forward to seeing Susie Kay tomorrow, if you haven't read her book 'The ABC for Success' - you should do!”

7. "Hi, I bought this book to remind myself of what professionalism is all about and I thought it was just right. It will not bore you with in-depth details yet it will remind you of all the basics to get you back on track. I recommend it to anyone needing a bit of a shake up!"

8. “A handy, pocket-sized guide to all aspects of how to be a professional in work and life”.

9. “It’s succinct, to the point and very professional”.

10. "This book could by used by individuals at any stage of their career, wherever that may be. Susie's knowledge and experience shines through and creates a useful reference guide which can be picked up and either read cover to cover or dipped into to refresh your memory about the different aspects which go into "making you a professional". The book also reminds us that being a professional is not just about our working life, but that there are aspects which can be used in your personal life. It encourages you to challenge and learn new skills wherever these opportunities may be. It provides a well-rounded approach on all the aspects which will help you become and be seen as a professional.  This book is not overly descriptive but it is thought-provoking as it encourages you to start thinking about the different aspects of professionalism, without you realising it. The book is clearly laid out: key issues are highlighted on each page to help reinforce the important aspects. The practical advice which is given is straightforward and can easily fit into your working day and life."

11. "I would like to thank Susie Kay for producing an accessible, easy to read summary of the key principles of professionalism.   In no way does this book pretend to be the definitive tome on the subject of 'professionalism' (as if anything could) but it does cover the basic principles of Attitudes (A), Behaviour (B) and Character (C) very well. I also like the fact that Susie understands that professionalism is not owned by those at certain levels within hierarchies or those with professional qualifications, but is something applicable to all.

The book is short and easy to read and would make a great addition to the reading list for many learning, personal development and qualification-based programmes.   It is obviously a book that is aimed at making the reader go further into the subject and question the whole concept of professionalism - which is evident from the Notes pages provided in the book (I wish more books did this rather than forcing us to make notes and comments in the margins).  All in all, I would have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone starting on a journey into the subject of professionalism."

12. "This little book contains a great deal of advice on being professional at any level, both in one’s personal life and at work.  It is aimed at a general readership but possible will be most useful to those starting their careers.  I would certainly recommend it to students and new entrants.  The book definitely made me think about my own professionalism and whether I had maintained the high standards Susie Kay encourages.  The guidance is given in a straightforward, no-nonsense style and is positive and encouraging in tone.  There are bite-size advice notes in most sections and some appropriate examples of both good and bad professional behaviour.  I agree with the approach taken and the guidance given.  The section on Golden Rules is certainly worth keeping in your own learning log or by your desk.  Most professional associations have codes of conduct and the advice in this book relates well to those codes."

13. “Professionalism: the ABC for Success” is a short but positive and encouraging self-help guide offering a list of ingredients to help someone stand out from the crowd.  The author shows how working on particular aspects of how you think, behave and act can help you to develop and gain respect from others.  I found its short chapter format easy to read and the author recommends you dip in and out to get the most from the book.  The book works best where the author includes examples of people’s behaviour she’s come across or heard about, like the man cleaning a NASA hangar who, when asked what he did, said “helping put a man on the moon”.  I feel this is a useful guide for a manager, careers advisor or other person aspiring to be professional, looking for advice on how to conduct themselves with others or wanting advice on improving themselves."  

The Jargon Buster

“Working in the world of membership bodies can seem daunting, given that the sector is unique in many ways and has developed its own set of jargon.  This book is an invaluable reference tool, comprehensively and clearly explaining many terms - both general and sector-specific - that you may need to know and understand."  Head of Internal Communications, ACCA

"A detailed and practical guide for anyone involved with trade associations and professional membership bodies.  This is an invaluable resource for those who don't know as well as those who should know, but don't."  Director of Operations, BBSA

"This book is a great idea.  It's the kind of book that's worth having close at hand so that  you can confidently put your point across in any membership or association conversation at any time.  The membership industry is all about being inclusive and if we can help make entering the industry itself even more accessible through demystifying some of the language then we are taking a leaf out of our own book, so to speak."  Head of Membership Engagement, Royal College of Physicians

"This is a handy and useful book for membership professionals, both new and experienced.  Great for a new member of staff who is learning about membership organisations but also good to refer back from time to time.  Clear, concise and comprehensive; everything you need from a reference title such as this."  Head of Business Development (Member Services), CILIP

"I think this is very comprehensive - essential for anyone starting out in membership.  I love that you included 'Death by Powerpoint ...."   Head of Membership, Science Sector Institute

"I think the guide is really useful, particularly for those new to the association sector."  Communications Director, Association of Optometrists