Consulting Case Studies

Susie Kay was asked, on the recommendation of the Trade Association Forum, by the Chief Executive and President of the Food Storage and Distribution Federation to come in and examine the previous unsatisfactory Governance regime, and in particular help the President and Chief Executive of the Federation to clarify the role, responsibilities, accountability and activities of the volunteer Board members. The key objective was to ensure the relationship between Board and Management was defined and re-confirmed, and that possibility for conflicts of interest was minimised.
Susie reviewed the existing regime, informed and advised the FSDF Board Working Group on good practice, providing advice and clarification as to what was appropriate for the future and developed a new set of Corporate Governance procedure and rules. She then supported the President and CEO in developing a draft Corporate Governance manual for detailed examination and helped the CEO and Board Working Group to reach a consensus for future issue. She also mediated discussions to enable the final draft to be submitted to Board and subsequently to AGM for confirmation approval.
Susie’s knowledge of Trade Association Corporate Governance, her perception and ability to translate into a new Corporate Governance environment which should stand for the next ten years, was exemplary. The Board and Management of FSDF will continue to seek Susie’s advice from time to time on specific issues, but believe that given the quality of work already completed, that will be on rare occasions.
— Chris Sturman FCILT, FRSA, Chief Executive, Food Storage & Distribution Federation
When I first met Susie a year or so ago, I was delighted to meet someone who understood, and took joy in, the world of governance. Part of Susie’s gift is not talking about it or using it as a bureaucratic weapon or burden as it so often can be portrayed, but as a means to operate transparently, compliantly and with integrity when building and delivering business. So when I needed someone to come to lead and facilitate our Governance Team away day, Susie was the first person who came to mind.
On the day Susie started by giving us a shared understanding of what good governance looks like. From there we went on a journey of exploring where we are now, where we want to be and devising a challenging but realistic plan to get there. Her warmth, humour and integrity enabled the team to engage with her and the task at hand and to leave the day enthused and encouraged. Progress is already being made towards our goals.
Susie’s knowledge and experience were invaluable in helping us to achieve more than we expected from our day. As a speaker, facilitator, listener and leader I can highly recommend her.
— Elaine Floodgate, PC.dp, Assistant Director (Governance), Catch22
The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) recently commissioned an independent review of our newly introduced CPD scheme in order to assess the appropriateness of its structure, content, processes and the positive outcomes it was delivering to both national and international members.
We looked at several potential providers but chose Susie Kay and MemberWise because the proposed approach was different. It was fresh, innovative and focused on bringing about positive action and change.

We were not disappointed with our decision. Susie Kay (The Professionalism Group) led on the project. Susie’s approach to the review phase was very thorough and sensitively handled, putting interviewees at ease and taking into account the confidential requirements of the work.
The resulting report was targeted, insightful and comprehensive enabling us to begin to develop a clear action plan to ensure the scheme is not only sustainable but that it exceeds members’ expectations in the value it delivers. I would completely recommend this service to fellow associations and membership organisations.
Susie is absolutely fantastic.
— Melanie Murphy, Director of Marketing, Communications & Membership, Royal Academy of Dance