Or should that be “Phone a friend”?

Working inside the diverse and exciting non-profit sector brings its own challenges so working with a consultant who fully understands the problems and issues you are facing will be a real advantage.  Choosing a consultant for the sector who is from the sector makes a lot of sense.

So if you need to step back, evaluate and, if necessary, improve things then we can help you to:

  • Review your Governance and operational structures and processes
  • Assist with any changes which might be identified
  • Run seamless, impartial consultations 
  • Run workshops and training days
  • Improve business process and practice for greater efficiency
  • Engage and motivate your staff for better productivity
  • Support and advance careers through assessment, professional development and mentoring
  • Develop professionalism and good practice for both individual members of staff and to benefit the organisation as a whole. 
Susie is our philosophical policeman!
— Julie Evans, CEO - National Federation of Builders and Chairman of the Trade Association Forum

All our services can be taken individually or combined into a structured programme of development suitable for your particular needs.

Prices for all services are available on request so do get in touch to discuss or book any of our services.  Just call on 07968 583098 or email