The Jargon Buster 

Our working days can be filled with colleagues using confusing jargon.  That’s where ‘The Jargon Buster’ comes in.  Originally produced in 2015 in hard copy, it has been continuously added to and revised to bring it right up to date. 

Staff and stakeholders at all levels will find the straightforward A to Z format quick and simple to use, whether they are new to the sector or just think that the jargon is getting out of hand.

It was originally produced in response to cries for help with the overwhelming use of acronyms and jargon within the membership and associations sector.  It provides a handy resource enabling you to check meanings immediately, access definitions easily and have conversations with confidence.

By registering below, you will receive a password which will enable you to come back time and again to check out the exact meaning of all those acronyms which drive you crazy.  Wouldn’t that be great?

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“A detailed and practical guide for anyone involved with trade associations and professional membership bodies.  This is an invaluable resource for those who don’t know as well as those who should know, but don’t.”

Andrew Chalk, Director of Operations, BBSA