Who needs a mentor?  In truth, we all do.  Someone to talk things over with, who can provide an uncritical ear, offer support and encouragement and the benefit of their own experience, perhaps providing an alternate view or a path you may not have considered or found for yourself.

Research has recently shown that small businesses with mentors are more likely to survive and the need is as real for senior managers as it is for solo entrepreneurs or mid-level staff.  Even Chief Executives, especially in the non-profit sector, can find the world is a little lonely at the top and benefit from sharing ideas and concerns with someone who understands the pressures they live with and the way their sector works.  

Good mentors are not there to give you all the answers but they can:

  • help you unlock the insights you need to make progress on the road to success
  • help you kickstart an idea or career change
  • help you develop your potential
  • relieve some of the day to day pressures caused by worries which you may not want to share at work

So a mentor is “a brain to pick, an ear to listen and a push in the right direction”.

Susie has helped me decide how best to grow my consulting and coaching practice. Her invaluable support and guidance has helped me recognise having a range of skills provides a portfolio that is an asset and not a fault. Susie’s ability to challenge self-sabotaging statements has improved the way I view value and benefit pricing. Should you get the opportunity to work with Susie, do not dither, you will not be disappointed.
— Dionne N., Experienced Business Consultant & Coach

To find that extra value and achieve the security of additional support then do get in touch to arrange a discussion or meeting.  Initial meetings are usually free of charge.


Susie is a Registered mentor and a member of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs  

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