“Governance is a journey not a destination” – Susie Kay

Governance of Third Sector organisations is never easy but it is critical in ensuring successful futures, so we work with you to identify the structures and processes needed for great governance.  Your commitment to excellence is the choice you make.

If you work in a professional association, membership organisation, professional body, trade association or charity, then it's a good idea to ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Have we reviewed our governance and operational structures in the last 2/3 years?

  • Are we sure that our strategy is taking us in the right direction?

  • Do we provide appropriate support and guidance for our members, staff and volunteers?

In other words, where are you now, where should you be and how will you get there? We can help you to tackle these questions, either in person or by providing the resources you need to make you self-sufficient.

  • Review your Governance and operational structures/arrangements

  • Facilitate your Strategic Planning and development

  • Facilitate Board and staff discussions

  • Support your change management programme

  • Provide training in trustee roles and responsibilities

Try our "Non-Profit Health Check Quick Quiznow to find some more questions which will tell you if your organisation is set to thrive not just survive.

Here are some questions to consider for your Not for Profit organisation:

If you would like to discuss the responses to your questions with Susie, please share your details below.

If you answered ‘NO’ to any of the questions, then Susie Kay and The Professionalism Group are there to help. Susie’s long experience of working in the non-profit sector means that you will be working with someone who fully understands the drivers and pressures you work with every day. So, choosing a consultant for the sector who is from the sector makes a lot of sense. 

An adviser for the sector from the sector.   

Or should that read “Phone a friend”?

We can help you make your organisation even more successful so please download our leaflet "Professionalism for Non-Profit Organisations - the Search for Excellence" or check our SERVICES menu.