The Association and Membership Sector has developed significantly over the past decade. The needs and requirements of association and membership professionals have evolved and there is a requirement for a new professional body to provide association and membership professionals with:

- A strong, clear and collective voice
- Comprehensive practitioner driven training/support
- Enhanced professional status
- A competency-focused approach to professional development

In this consultation we invite the sector to comment on the concept of a dedicated Society of Association and Membership Professionals (SAMP).

A range of variable quality tools, resource and services are currently provided to the sector via a range of formal and informal networks/offerings and there is a need to take a more joined up and fully inclusive approach for individuals at all levels and career stages.

If there is sufficient support for this concept Richard Gott (MemberWise Network) and Susie Kay (The Professionalism Group) propose the launch of a brand new and dedicated professional body for association and membership professionals: 

- Society of Association and Membership Professionals (SAMP)

It is believed the concept is long overdue and will galvanise our emerging profession.

Initially the new virtual organisation will provide inclusive membership grades and will provide professional recognition, a competence framework, practical tools/resources and inspiration/ideas for those working at all levels within the sector to drive membership organisation/association value and growth.  

If this initiative is to fully professionalise the sector it will need the support of all those working within it and will be developed over time to ultimately establish a professional community.  

It is important, therefore, that the expertise of the sector is utilised to drive and contribute to the organisation’s formation.  It should not be left to any commercial or segment specific entity.

We therefore invite you to share your thoughts, feelings and opinions on a potential concept that will recognise Association and Membership Professionals as true professionals in their own right.

Richard Gott, Chair, MemberWise Network
Susie Kay, CEO, Professionalism Group

Take part in this sector consultation  The consultation is now open and you are invited to submit your thoughts, feelings and suggestions.

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(Consultation closes: Friday 14th August 2015)