Professionalism for Non-Profits

If you work in a professional association, membership organisation, professional body or trade association and want to ensure your future success, then it's a good idea to ask yourself a couple of questions:

  • Have we reviewed our governance and operational structures in the last 2 years?
  • Are we sure that our strategy is taking us and our members in the right direction?
  • Do we provide appropriate support and guidance for our members, staff and volunteers?

Try our "Non-Profit Health Check Quick Quiz" to find some more questions which will tell you if your organisation is set to thrive not just survive. Just fill in the quick form below to download the Quick Quiz for free:

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If you answered ‘NO’ to any of the questions then Susie Kay and The Professionalism Group are there to help. Working inside the diverse and exciting non-profit sector brings its own challenges so when you are looking for advice or assistance, working with a consultant who is very aware of the problems and issues you are facing will be a distinct advantage. Susie’s long experience of working in the non-profit sector means that you will be working with someone who fully understands the drivers and pressures you work with every day. So choosing a consultant for the sector who is from the sector makes a lot of sense.

An adviser for the sector from the sector.    Or should that read “Phone a friend”?

We can help you make your organisation even more successful so please download our leaflet "Professionalism for Non-Profit Organisations - the Search for Excellence" or check our SERVICES menu.

The GGF Group had grown rapidly and our governance and structure had not kept pace. We approached Susie Kay from The Professionalism Group to assist us to move forward. Susie’s knowledge and experience in the field of Trade Federations was invaluable. Her pleasant and approachable manner meant the employees were at ease and spoke freely to her allowing her to reach her conclusions. Her advice and guidance has been invaluable and it has allowed us to commence the process to make the necessary changes to our governance and operations to allow us to proceed.
— Nigel Rees, Group Chief Executive, Glass and Glazing Federation
Susie’s knowledge of Trade Association Corporate Governance, her perception and ability to translate into a new Corporate Governance environment which should stand for the next ten years, was exemplary. The Board and Management of FSDF will continue to seek Susie’s advice from time to time on specific issues, but believe that given the quality of work already completed, that will be on rare occasions.
— Chris Sturman FCILT, FRSA, Chief Executive, Food Storage & Distribution Federation
Susie’s knowledge and experience were invaluable in helping us to achieve more than we expected from our day. As a speaker, facilitator, listener and leader I can highly recommend her.
— Elaine Floodgate, PC.dp, Assistant Director (Governance), Catch22
Susie Kay (The Professionalism Group) led on the project. Susie’s approach to the review phase was very thorough and sensitively handled, putting interviewees at ease and taking into account the confidential requirements of the work. The resulting report was targeted, insightful and comprehensive enabling us to begin to develop a clear action plan to ensure the scheme is not only sustainable but that it exceeds members’ expectations in the value it delivers. I would completely recommend this service to fellow associations and membership organisations. Susie is absolutely fantastic.
— Melanie Murphy, Director of Marketing, Communications & Membership, Royal Academy of Dance
Susie is our philosophical policeman!
— Julia Evans, CEO - National Federation of Builders and Chairman of the Trade Association Forum
I much enjoyed your session and it was very timely for me as I am doing a lot of work on the creation of values for our organization which forms part of a larger piece of work which is, essentially, about increasing professionalism for our industry and ensuring that we practice what we preach… so you can see, your presentation was spot on at this time.
— J.H., Director Member Services & Company Secretary


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