Professionalism for Schools and Colleges

All school and college leavers will face a unique and difficult moment – the point at which they must swap the comfort and influence of their peer groups for the world of work. 

  • How prepared will they be for what will be a challenging and very new set of pressures?
  • How will they find a job - are they marketable?
  • Do they know how not to fall short of expectations?

For these very practical reasons all school leavers should be familiar with the concepts of professionalism – what it is, why it is important and what an incredible difference it could make to their chances of future success.

Buy multiple copies of our books for library, resource areas and teaching groups:

Professionalism: the ABC for Success which describes the combination of attributes which describe what professionalism looks like and how necessary they are in everyday life. 

How to Spot a Dinosaur (or How to Thrive and Survive in the Workplace) helps you identify the different personality types around you and offers ways to deal with the difficulties in working with people who don't see the world as you do.

We also offer:

Speaker led discussion sessions (what's different about the workplace? ; standing out as an individual) >>

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These sessions should be rolled out across the college and they should appear in every curriculum.
— A.W., University of Westminster

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