Out-of-Hours 1:1 Mentoring Service


Out-of-Hours 1:1 Mentoring Service


Mentoring is an important element in our working lives.

If you need to talk something through but can’t find a private place or moment at work for a phone call or quick meeting then contacting a mentor during the working day is going to be difficult.  You are also likely to have private issues to discuss so you might feel uncomfortable if you might be overheard at work.

If that’s the case but you would really like to have the support that a mentor can offer then our Out-of-Hours Mentoring Service is going to come in handy.  These one-off 40-minute slots can be made at a time of day convenient to you and mean that you can find a more relaxed time to talk through what’s on your mind.

Just click on the box below to access our booking system and pick a date and time convenient for you.

Susie is a Registered Mentor and a really great listener and will help you to resolve those issues and problems that might be getting in your way or preventing you from thriving in the workplace.

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"Susie has helped me decide how best to grow my consulting and coaching practice. Her invaluable support and guidance has helped me recognise having a range of skills provides a portfolio that is an asset and not a fault. Susie’s ability to challenge self-sabotaging statements has improved the way I view value and benefit pricing. Should you get the opportunity to work with Susie, do not dither, you will not be disappointed."  Dionne N., Experienced Business Consultant & Coach

“I really needed a critical friend.  Thank you.”   Gloria H

“Thank you very much for my mentoring this morning! My colleagues have just said how happy I am after talking to you! I feel very uplifted by all the kind things you have said and all the advice regarding my CPD. Susie is an excellent mentor. Her knowledge and experience in professional development is very valuable and extensive, not only has she suggested avenues to which I can develop my career but made me feel delighted about my present accomplishments which has given me confidence in my own abilities together with the reassurance that I am moving in the right direction. It is very easy to talk to Susie as she is very open, friendly and honest. I will certainly be taking on all her advice and guidance in my future career.”    Kate B, NHS Wales

“Talking it through out loud has made a huge difference.”     Vivian B

“Many thanks for your advice and support, it is much appreciated.”      Paul J

“Making notes as I go means that I can answer any query.  It’s liberating and life-changing.  It’s such a discovery, thank you.”   Emily J

“Who knew that being organised would help this much?”      Julia C