How to Spot a Dinosaur


How to Spot a Dinosaur


Realising your friends and colleagues don't operate the same way you do can be an eye-opener.  How to Spot a Dinosaur (or How to Thrive and Survive in the Workplace) is an effective and practical guide to understanding and managing your business and personal relationships.

The book helps you identify the different personality types around you and offers ways to deal with the difficuties in working with people who are unfamiliar to you or who don't see the world as you do.

Inside you will find practical advice and strategies to help you stay in control of your workload, avoid too much stress and maintain your work-life balance. This inspiring book offers guidance in thinking about your career to date and where it might be leading you.


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“Put simply, I believe this is excellent. If you plan to buy only one business-oriented book this year, make sure it’s Dinosaur... I really can’t think of another book which draws together so many practical, useful, yet novel strands of how to understand yourself and your fellow workers – and what to do with what you discover, so mutual understanding and greater business success will follow... For me, this is the ‘must-have’ book of the year. I urge you to buy it NOW.”
Sir Henry Boyle, Business Consultant and Trainer, The Business Support Group (Full review here)

“I'm sure you're hearing this everywhere, but I just wanted to say 'How to Spot a Dinosaur' is spot on!”  Holly Steiner, The CPD Standards Office

"Easy to read and absorb, this book will put you in control and have a positive impact in both home and work life. I love the simplicity of it. A fantastic read!"   Sophie Burnett, Director, PA Business Support

“Love the language, prose and style, had me smiling regularly!  A delightful read that is spot-on with describing characters often found in the workplace. Well done!! It must have taken a serious commitment to put it all together so well."     Amanda Rosewarne, Director of CPD Accreditation & Research, CPD Standards Office

“It was a fab read!! A fascinating and useful tool that allows you to understand your own and others personality and traits at a glance. This book not only illustrates how you may be interacting with others and why but also shows you how colleagues and friends in your personal life can perceive you and your actions. A book I shall refer to time after time, utilising the thought provoking exercise sections. An entertaining read with some laugh out loud moments of realisation!”   Jenny O’Brien, Commercial Manager, Cranfield Impact Centre, Cranfield University