Susie is an experienced and inspirational speaker and her entertaining sessions provide a balance of information and motivation.  She offers a range of topics, some of which are listed below.  She would be delighted to speak at your next event so just call to discuss what you need from your conference keynote sessions, workshops, or sessions with colleagues and friends.  She is also an experienced Conference Chair and will bring order, structure and control to your event.

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If you’ve never been to one of Susie’s presentations you really must - she is probably the best & most effective ‘motivator’ in the business, and makes it absorbing and fun at the same time. If you have attended one before - well, you don’t need me to tell you to grab the chance to book yourself in while there are still a few places available. Go for it!
— Oriole N.

PROFESSIONALISM AND PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS             (Scroll down for Non-Profit specific events)

1. Professionalism - It’s All About Success.

Professionalism is a choice, an opportunity for you to think, behave and act in a way which will make you stand out from the crowd.  It applies to all of us, all the time, not just in the workplace but in our personal lives as well so it’s about everything we are and everything we do.  Join Susie to take a look at the way professionals approach their world and to gain some very practical advice, intended to help you demonstrate your own professionalism 24/7.

I thought I was the only one having fun yesterday. I have extended the treat and am thoroughly enjoying your book as well! You will be pleased to hear that your reference to ‘only 30 days to go...’ set me thinking and I have today tackled some important jobs I had been putting off, with amazingly positive results! Thank you very much.
— Greta C.
Opened my mind to an area I knew I had to address. Enjoyable and insightful, thanks.
Thoroughly enjoyed Susie Kay’s talk. Would love to be present at the talk for her new book. Thank you very much.
— Career Progression Project

2. If I Only Had Time - Sort it, Plan it, Make it Better.

Although you cannot truly save or manage time, you can always find ways to get more done in the time available to you.  You just need a strategy that suits you, some tools and a little willpower.

What a delicious professional seminar! It was a very thought-provoking session. I would thoroughly recommend attending one of Susie Kay’s sessions if you get a chance in the future. If not, make sure you buy (and read!) a copy of her book.
— Penny B, Professional Development Club organiser
Who would have thought that you could get more done just by getting things in order. Thank you!

3. Get Yourself Organised – Introducing Mind Mapping.

Getting organised is painless!  Using this incredibly fast, effective way of thinking & planning will offer you new ways to think about any problem, at work or at home.  Find out how to sort out your to-do list and plan your next meeting or project more effectively.  Bring your problems with you and leave with the answers!

Fantastic speaker - very helpful & approachable. Excellent examples.
Brings instant clarity, energy and creativity. Very stimulating & can put into practical and beneficial use immediately.

4. It’s OK to say No! Or How to Run Meetings More Effectively, reduce their hidden costs and reclaim control over your diary.

At a time when organisations of all kinds are expecting more for less, it has never been more important to be able to streamline, to work effectively and efficiently.   Take an objective look at the hidden costs of meetings of all kinds, how to run shorter, more effective meetings and, as a bonus, reclaim your diary.  

Susie has the power to shake our prejudices.

5. How to Get What You Want – Let’s Talk About Negotiation Skills.

Does it ever seem like other people always get what they want but you struggle to achieve what you need?  Do you feel like you are on the back foot when it comes to that important conversation with a client or your employer?   Negotiating skills are not difficult to master, you just need to know the ‘what’ and ‘how’ that will help you to get what you want every time.  Understand what is at the heart of this type of transaction and get to grips with understanding the dynamics involved to get the deal you are after. 

An eye opener and very inspiring. Clear, informed, to the point.


6. Governance from Both Sides (for Non-Profits only)

In such challenging times, your organisation will benefit from taking an honest and objective look at the currency, structure and value of your governance arrangements and to examine how those arrangements have a direct effect on the welfare and future prosperity of both your organisation and your members.

Thank you for your excellent governance session.
— Linda C.

7. It’s a Rollover: Planning Succession Efficiently (for Non-Profits only)

Succession planning should be a fundamental element of your organisation’s activities – not an afterthought.  It’s about protecting your organisation’s future viability and ensuring that your organisation continues to function effectively, even if personalities or circumstances change.  If you haven’t really got a plan then now would be a good time to write one!

… to say how good your session was and that you managed it brilliantly.
— Peter N.

8. Roses not Thorns – Branch and Group Governance (for Non-Profits only)

How do well-run organisations benefit from the additional resource offered by the volunteer commitment of their regional groups and branches, rather than risking damage to their reputations locally?

To run any of these or other sessions for your staff or as a member event, just call us on 07968 583098 or email info@theprofessionalismgroup.co.uk.

Chairing your Conference

Just had to say how impressed I am with your chairmanship (if that is the right word!!) I have never seen an event so competently chaired as yesterday and had to tell you as I missed the chance at the end of the day
— Margaret M., Publisher

All our services can be taken individually or combined into a structured programme of development suitable for your particular needs. Prices for all services are available on request so do get in touch to discuss or book any of our services.  Just call on 07968 583098 or email info@theprofessionalismgroup.co.uk.