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People have been kind in offering their support. More sector-specific testimonials can be found in relevant places elsewhere on the site.

I have had the pleasure of working with Susie at The Professionalism Group for some years now and I have always found her to be the voice of calm reason when it comes to all things Governance related. She has worked with us at the TAF Best Practice Awards for some years now and she is also a valued fixture on the programme for the TAF Best Practice Exchange each year running a Governance Surgery which is ever popular. I would not hesitate to recommend her services to any association looking to improve their Governance arrangements.
— L M Cavender, Chief Executive, Trade Association Forum
Susie Kay was recommended to me in relation to facilitating a mediation process within one of our teams. She clearly listened to the brief and set up meetings with the parties concerned. Susie quickly identified the key issues involved and made sensible recommendations based on her findings. This resulted in a positive outcome for all concerned, in a timely manner. I would recommend Susie to any organisation needing a sensible, straightforward approach aimed at getting the best from people.
— Joe Kennedy, Head of Human Resources, Charity Sector
Susie facilitated an excellent session for the directors of our newly incorporated organisation, helping them understand their roles, responsibilities and legal obligations, as well as encouraging them to consider the vision, mission and goals for the organisation for the coming year.
— Tracey Shelley, Chief Executive & Company Secretary, BCECA
The session was fantastic - thank you so much! The meeting went really well today. We said after you had gone, what a good ‘find’ you were. I think I must hire you for the next meeting. Although it won’t be completely plain sailing from now on, there is no longer so vast a mountain to climb.
— MM, Chief Executive Officer
Susie, I am sure you will be as delighted as me to hear that we have received a number of very positive comments regarding the meeting. Your facilitation skills and trade body experience and background were particularly appreciated by the Council. Which, of course, is exactly what I was hoping for, and you successfully got them to change hats. Well done. Onwards and upwards!

I’m also forwarding a comment from one of my Council members, ‘Susie, many thanks and my compliments on your skilful marshalling of yesterday’s meeting’.

I look forward to seeing you again and I am sure we will be working with you more in future.
— Edmund Proffitt, Chief Executive, British Dental Industry Association
When I first met Susie a year or so ago, I was delighted to meet someone who understood, and took joy in, the world of governance. Part of Susie’s gift is not talking about it or using it as a bureaucratic weapon or burden as it so often can be portrayed, but as a means to operate transparently, compliantly and with integrity when building and delivering business. So when I needed someone to come to lead and facilitate our Governance Team away day, Susie was the first person who came to mind.

On the day Susie started by giving us a shared understanding of what good governance looks like. From there we went on a journey of exploring where we are now, where we want to be and devising a challenging but realistic plan to get there. Her warmth, humour and integrity enabled the team to engage with her and the task in hand and to leave the day enthused and encouraged. Progress is already being made towards our goals.

Susie’s knowledge and experience were invaluable in helping us to achieve more than we expected from our day. As a speaker, facilitator, listener and leader I can highly recommend her.
— Elaine Floodgate, Assistant Director (Governance) Catch22
Thank you so much for all your help and wonderful facilitation yesterday. You made our team day run very elegantly and to time! I think we all enjoyed the day and were pleased with the ‘outputs’.
— Gill Cronin, Head of Patron Membership Team, LCCI
Susie Kay is a highly committed professional who has the ability to bring a great deal of experience to assist a Board of Trustees. Her roles in professional development in various professions allow her to bring an invaluable breadth of knowledge to current developments. Her multi-profession work also offers objectivity and a wider perspective to assist the development of institutes and their professions as a whole. Susie has a wide skillset, and will be able to offer a strategic overview and add considerable value to help organisations grow and further develop as an effective professional organisation.
— Carol Brooks, TD BA PGCert PSM Hon FCLIP
Susie was asked, on the recommendation of the Trade Association Forum, by the Chief Executive and President, to come in and examine the previous unsatisfactory Governance regime and, in particular, help to clarify the role, responsibilities, accountability and activities of the volunteer Board members. The key objective was to ensure the relationship between Board and Management was defined and re-confirmed, and that possibility for conflicts of interest was minimised.

Susie reviewed the existing regime, informed and advised the Board Working Group on good practice, providing advice and clarification as to what was appropriate for the future and developed a new set of Corporate Governance procedures and rules. She then supported the President and CEO in developing a draft Corporate Governance manual for detailed examination and helped the CEO and Board Working Group to reach a consensus for future issue. She also mediated discussions to enable the final draft to be submitted to Board and subsequently to AGM for confirmation approval.

Susie’s knowledge of Corporate Governance, her perception and ability to translate into a new Corporate Governance environment which should stand for the next ten years, was exemplary. The Board and Management will continue to seek Susie’s advice from time to time on specific issues, but believe that given the quality of work already completed, that will be on rare occasions.
— Chris Sturman, Chief Executive, Food Storage & Distribution Federation
Susie is our philosophical policeman.
— Julia Evans, CEO, National Federation of Builders
Susie has a real understanding of the contribution professionals make to society. She has always been concerned about the status of our professionals and of the need for those professionals to demonstrate and develop their professional skills and knowledge.

As a leading figure in various professional associations she understands the need for parity of the Chartered designation within those professions and has championed the importance of professionalism. Many smaller professional associations will be interested in this new service.
— Margaret Watson, Former President of CILIP
As Chairman of the Professional Development Steering Group of the Association for Project Management (APM), from 2004 to 2007, I was fortunate to work closely with Susie on the production of a professional development strategy for the APM. This encompassed both a rationalisation of existing qualifications and recommendations for further qualifications, all placed within a new professional grading framework.

Through her considerable experience and understanding of professionalism, as Head of Professional Development, Susie was instrumental in seeing that the strategy addressed the needs of the APM and was achievable. Her energy and diligence were key factors in the many improvements made during her time at the APM.
— Dr Thomas Docker, BSc(Hons), MSc, PhD, MBCS, CITP, CEng, MAPM Adjunct Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney and ESC Lille, France. Founding partner of CITI. Former member of APM Executive Board
I am very happy to consider Susie as a valued friend and colleague over the last six years or so. We have worked together on the development of standards in Project Management both in the UK and internationally. Susie’s contribution to a project on the International Competence Baseline (ICB3) in the International Project Management Association was tremendous. In the course of the project she impressed all those involved by her dedication, knowledge and professionalism. Susie is very diligent, very thorough and far-sighted. She was an asset to the IPMA with her voluntary work and helped us to make great steps forward by the application of high standards and a practical approach. Her honesty and open approach was much appreciated.
— Mary McKinlay, Adjunct Professor in Project Management, ESC Lille, France
Susie is excellent at scoping major professional change programmes, identifying all the major workstreams and interdependencies and assembling first class project plans.
— Prof. M. J. Norton, D.Eng Chartered Director, Chartered Engineer & Chartered IT Professional, FIOD, FIET, FBCS
Susie is exactly the type of person you want to work with; organised, efficient, imaginative, a risk taker with a no-nonsense approach. She is also the person you need to make sure a project is completed and reviewed effectively. Above all she is great fun and an absolute pleasure to spend time with. She also loves handbags!
— Kathy Ennis, Owner, Envision Impression Management
Susie’s passion for professional development and energy for changing things for the better seem endless. She shares her knowledge and experience generously and has an endlessly positive outlook on life. I’m looking forward to future collaboration.
— Lyndsay Rees-Jones, Workplace and Solo Adviser , CILIP