The programme is designed for you if

  • You are just starting in the world of work
  • You run your own business and want to stand out from the competition
  • You want to enhance your current and future employability, giving yourself the best chance of promotion and success at work

Do you:

  • Find it hard to know what employers, prospective employers or clients expect from you and your team?
  • Find it hard to do the right thing – even though you know you should?
  • Want to develop the essential habits which will demonstrate your own professionalism 24/7?

This short course offers you all the tools and understanding you need to shine in your chosen line of work as well as at home among friends and family. 

Hi, my name is Susie Kay and I am passionate about enhancing professionalism for all of us and embedding the benefits that it brings to all sectors of the economy.  My expertise in personal and professional development means that, over many years, I have helped and advised many individuals and their employers on the wider aspects of professionalism. 

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my work is in mentoring those who need some guidance in establishing their chosen career paths, perhaps changing direction or resolving issues which may have been holding them back for a while.  All of this experience was brought together in writing the book on which this course is based (Professionalism – the ABC for Success).  I know that what this course offers will also help you to move forward on your chosen path.  

How does The ABC of Professionalism work?

The ABC of Professionalism offers you a choice and the opportunity to think, behave and act in a way which will make you stand out from the crowd.  It is for everyone; at any stage of your career and regardless of what level you are working at in your organisation. 

Definitions of professionalism are hard to come by but this course will help you to identify and achieve all of the elements which contribute to the final goal and show you that it is attainable for everyone.  Professionalism is about everything we are and everything we do and the course will guide you to make all of those elements come together to make you the very best that you can be.

This fun and practical course is designed to fit in with your busy lifestyle.  You will receive one email each day for a week.  They will contain all the resources you need for that session.  You’ll find a short video, some sections to read through as well as some exercises which will enrich and expand your thinking about the session content. 

This is what people say about working with me:

Thanks for listening to me and for making my day. I always feel so much better after talking to you.
— R.F., University Lecturer
Thank you very much for my mentoring this morning! My colleagues have just said how happy I am after talking to you! I feel very uplifted by all the kind things you have said and all the advice regarding my CPD (continuing professional development). Susie is an excellent mentor. Her knowledge and experience in professional development is very valuable and extensive, not only has she suggested avenues to which I can develop my career but made me feel delighted about my present accomplishments which has given me confidence in my own abilities together with the reassurance that I am moving in the right direction. It is very easy to talk to Susie as she is very open, friendly and honest. I will certainly be taking on all her advice and guidance in my future career.
— Kate B, NHS Wales
Who knew that being organised would help this much?
— Julia C, Entrepreneur
Susie has helped me decide how best to grow my consulting and coaching practice. Her invaluable support and guidance has helped me recognise having a range of skills provides a portfolio that is an asset and not a fault. Susie’s ability to challenge self-sabotaging statements has improved the way I view value and benefit pricing. Should you get the opportunity to work with Susie, do not dither, you will not be disappointed.
— Dionne N., Experienced Business Consultant & Coach

Your investment for this course is only £25 and one week of your time.  You will also have access to the course materials for as long as you need them – they will not time out so will become a handy reference for you to dip back into when needed.

I am totally confident that you will love this course and that the resources will provide ongoing benefits for the foreseeable future.  However, just in case you do not discover those benefits, I am happy to offer a full refund. 

If you have any questions about the course just email me at