The Jargon Buster

Susie Kay and Richard Gott


Definitions and meanings for the 800 most useful words and phrases in Associations and Membership Organisations.

If your working day is filled with colleagues using confusing jargon then this publication is for you and should be kept close at hand to enable some serious ‘jargon busting’.

Staff and stakeholders at all levels will find the straightforward A to Z format quick and simple to use, whether they are new to the sector or just think that the jargon is getting out of hand.  

This publication was compiled in response to cries for help with the overwhelming use of acronyms and jargon within the membership and association sector.  The Jargon Buster provides a handy resource enabling you to check meanings immediately, access definitions easily and have conversations with confidence.



Format:   Paperback
Length:   176 Pages
ISBN:       9780956540164
Price:       £9.99 


“I recently purchased your Jargon Buster which currently has pride of place on my bookshelf.”

“In the world of associations Susie Kay’s Jargon Buster does more than simply bust jargon. It is also a treasure trove of ideas and concepts which can serve as inspiration for Board strategy “time outs” as well as operational teams seeking to grow and retain their members.”      Lee Allford, EPSC

“Working in the world of membership bodies can seem daunting, given that the sector is unique in many ways and has developed its own set of jargon.  This book is an invaluable reference tool, comprehensively and clearly explaining many terms - both general and sector-specific - that you may need to know and understand."  Head of Internal Communications, ACCA

"A detailed and practical guide for anyone involved with trade associations and professional membership bodies.  This is an invaluable resource for those who don't know as well as those who should know, but don't."  Director of Operations, BBSA

"This book is a great idea.  It's the kind of book that's worth having close at hand so that  you can confidently put your point across in any membership or association conversation at any time.  The membership industry is all about being inclusive and if we can help make entering the industry itself even more accessible through demystifying some of the language then we are taking a leaf out of our own book, so to speak."  Head of Membership Engagement, Royal College of Physicians

"This is a handy and useful book for membership professionals, both new and experienced.  Great for a new member of staff who is learning about membership organisations but also good to refer back from time to time.  Clear, concise and comprehensive; everything you need from a reference title such as this."  Head of Business Development (Member Services), CILIP

"I think this is very comprehensive - essential for anyone starting out in membership.  I love that you included 'Death by Powerpoint ...."   Head of Membership, Science Sector Institute

"I think the guide is really useful, particularly for those new to the association sector."  Communications Director, Association of Optometrists