Professionalism - A way of being

I am constantly amazed that people still have the power to surprise me.As I have worked my way along the path to launching The Professionalism Group I have been fairly humbled by the generosity of spirit encountered along the way and I would like to use this entry as a massive thank you to all those who have given so freely of their time and offering encouragement at every turn..

It has been a revelation to receive so much support but, with the benefit of a little time to reflect on how things have been going, should I have been so surprised?We all get a bit jaundiced about society and our place in it but on an individual level it is still possible to encounter the best in each other.


It is not an easy thing to ask for help and we have it driven into us from an early age that we must stand on our own two feet but none of us can exist without the benefit of interaction with others.The meteoric rise of social networking says an enormous amount about the individual’s potential to reach out and has seen us all coming out of our shells.Some elements are more challenging than others and some formats will suit an individual more than others but there is nothing quite so absorbing as being asked for your opinion and hoping that people are listening to what we offer and will respond in kind.


However, it also makes me consider whether there is perhaps more to it than that.

In amongst all the support and kindness there has been only one notable exception and it sticks out like a sore thumb because of the contrast with the attitudes and behaviours of others.Those to whom I have turned for support do, without question, carry the mantle of professionalism with ease and grace.Their actions speak loudly of their character and the way they exist in the world.This ‘other’ individual I can judge only by his/her actions – and their negativity speaks quite loudly of a lack of professionalism which is clearly demonstrated by a lack of interpersonal skills and standards.So there is the nub of it – professionalism takes us into all areas of our lives, not just the workplace, it is a way of being not a way of working.


So, in true CPD style, I have analysed my lessons learned – my outcome – from this set up phase and it is really simple but quite fundamental.Never be afraid to ask because people are happy to help.