How was it for you?

OK so today is 09.09.09  -  how has it been for you? Did you wake up thinking that the day was going to have some special significance or was it just a day like any other?  Did you feel that the cosmos had some remarkable message to offer or did you just turn your radar off and your radio up?

Asking friends and colleagues about whether they were expecting a good day produced a mixed bag of reactions, some had high expectations, some felt that there was no reason to expect anything bad and some were just waiting to analyse results at the end of the day!  Expectations and attitude were therefore going to have differing effects for everyone – some would be disappointed, others would have nothing to be disappointed about, others would be counting their blessings that nothing catastrophic had happened.

As a result of this variety of approaches to the challenges of our everyday lives, each of us understands that every individual we meet is bringing potentially different, even possibly challenging, attitudes to their encounters with us and others.  This variety is, in the main, unpredictable and coping with it and reacting appropriately is an integral element of our professionalism.  It is an ability which stands us in good stead and should not be underestimated.