Thriving not just surviving

Well, after yesterday's budget, it's official!  It's going to be tough and it is going to stay that way for a few more years.  I don't think that's a surprise for anyone. However, we are all going to have to ride this out and find a way to prosper personally and professionally, whatever is going on around us.  What do I mean by prosper?  It's that feeling that tells us that, despite whatever else is going on in the world, actually we are OK.  This is not just a question of money and material circumstances but about how we deal with the day to day problems that we are all facing at the moment, about how we are with our friends and colleagues, about the balances that we are able to find for ourselves in amongst the current chaos.

We all want to survive but how to thrive is a much better question.  What will make the difference, how can we achieve the balance?  The answer lies in the relationships we develop with those around us, how we interact with the world and the impression of ourselves that we offer to those we meet.

Over the next few weeks I will be looking at how adopting and living by all the essential qualities of professionalism will deliver huge benefits for individuals and for organisations.  For those running businesses it will gain customers for us, keep those customers happy and ensure that they come back time and again.  For organisations it will ensure that staff are engaged and feel that there is good reason to come to work in the morning. For individuals, it can transform the way we see ourselves, are viewed by those around us and will make us stand out from the crowd - which is likely to be very useful in today's employment market.

These ideas are distilled from my newly published book “Professionalism: the ABC for Success”, designed to further an understanding of what professionalism is and how it can have very positive effects in all areas of your life.  If you would prefer not to wait for the instalments but to have all the information at once, the book is now available from Professionalism Books , from Amazon and to order from your favourite book stores.

There is going to be a hefty amount of budget analysis in all the media for the next few weeks.  When you have had sufficient of that and when you feel you need a change from the football and the tennis then you may want a little downtime, some peace and quiet.  Create some space for yourself and take a look at “Professionalism: the ABC for Success”.  It could make a world of difference.