Professionalism Essentials No 2 - Attitude

In this post we continue to look at some of the essential qualities that contribute to defining what professionalism is and how choosing to adopt and live by its requirements will deliver huge benefits for individuals and for organisations. A for ATTITUDE

It is never too early or too late to realise that professionalism applies to all of us, all of the time, not just in the workplace but in your personal life as well. Being the sort of person who is known to be trustworthy, honourable, honest and reliable brings its own rewards.

Professionalism is not linked to your job title or how many qualifications you have achieved.  It is about the type of person you choose to be and about the effort and integrity with which you tackle whatever comes your way.

These attributes are the difference between professionalism and just doing your job. They bring the self-belief to tackle the unknown with confidence and to deliver every time.

If you could grow professionalism in a test tube or create it from a recipe book then you would find a long list of ingredients needed to make your final product.  There are some indispensable components and some which may not be quite so obvious.

“We all underestimate what we can achieve…”

Tim Smit, creator of The Eden Project.

Currently a social innovator, previously an archaeologist and music producer

These extracts are from my newly published book “Professionalism: the ABC for Success”, designed to further an understanding of what professionalism is and how it can have very positive effects in all areas of your life.  If you would prefer not to wait for the instalments, the book is now available from Professionalism Books , from Amazon and to order from your favourite book stores.