Whether you are looking for a professional, a tradesman, or a particular service provider, the chances are that you will first ask friends and colleagues for recommendations.  The social networks are also full of requests for trusted advisors and ‘proven’ abilities on an endless range of subjects and specialisms. Why does this work?  Because we all believe that anyone with a decent reputation, someone who has delivered excellent service before, will do so again for us.  This person is therefore to be relied upon and will turn up when expected and give us the service we need.

Reputations are hard won but oh so easily lost.  Our actions and behaviours are our constant marketing tool so we all need to be  aware of the way we present ourselves at all times, not just when we think we are being scrutinised.

Since I published “Professionalism: the ABC for Success” the book has received many positive reviews.  More than one reviewer has suggested that it would useful to have one section - “The Golden Rules” - available to put up on the wall or by your desk.  So here they are as a download, just to give you the continuous edge you need to ensure that you maintain and build your hard won reputation, to ensure that you thrive in this difficult economic climate.

Professionalism is how to get ahead in any profession

This is how: