Thursday's Magic Moment

As someone who spends their time working to support others in their personal and professional development, I am always thrilled to hear that people have found working with me both helpful and useful. Verbal and written feedback is always gratefully received and I value it highly but yesterday something very special happened.  It was the first time that I have ever seen physical evidence that affirms the value of what I do and what I had written. One of the attendees at my afternoon workshop entered the room and, while she was settling herself down,  took various items out of her bag as she was looking for a pen which had clearly sunk to the bottom.  One of the items which appeared was the most dog-eared copy of my book that I have ever seen.   She told me that she dips into it every day and that it is incredibly useful to her.

Now I usually see my books in pristine condition, coming out of delivery boxes straight from the printer or on shelves in bookshops or on tables at signing events.  Seeing it in that condition was an absolute delight.  What an amazing buzz!  I have to admit that I have been smiling ever since.  To experience that magic moment when you know for certain that what you are doing is helping the person standing in front of you is one I am unlikely to forget.

We all work long and hard to make a difference and it is easy to wonder whether all the effort changes the world even a little bit.  I choose to believe that my magic moment yesterday means that we can be sure that none of our effort goes to waste.

Happy weekend everyone!