Gratitude, homework and what's next for you in 2018?

I would like to say thank you very much to all the wonderful people and organisations I have worked with in 2017.  It has been an absolute pleasure and we have had some real successes. I am looking forward to next year with excitement.

I'd also like to leave you with something important to consider over the next few weeks. Once you have eaten all the mince pies and are suitably relaxed, at some point your thoughts will inevitably turn to what you will be doing in 2018.  So, as you start to wind up again after the New Year, the first part of your homework is to think honestly and carefully about whether your governance arrangements and structures get an honourable mention in both your strategy and budget documents. 

Why is this important? Because without routinely considering whether your governance follows best practice the management of your organisation is missing an essential and critical component.

So, to paraphrase a well-known author, if not then why not?  Think about why you haven't yet included regular governance reviews in your planning processes and whether you should start to include it from now on.

At a large mixed networking event the other day, someone asked me why I spend so much of my time helping NFPs to improve their governance.  The answer, to me, is so obvious that the question surprised me.  Without excellent governance arrangements in place, NFPs will not be able to ensure that they are best placed to deliver their services efficiently and effectively.  It's as simple as that.

So, to put governance in context, it is just another essential management function for the organisation to ensure that all parts of the organisation and its resources (both human and physical) are being best utilised, without wastage, delay or conflict.  

The second part of your homework is to work out what £2,250 represents as a percentage of your annual income, how many subscriptions does it represent, how does it compare to your IT and telephony costs, what proportion of your trading earnings would you need to set aside to afford it? 

If you agree that excellent governance is an essential function of management, will the cost of my governance offer till the end of March next year be money well spent to secure the robust functioning and future of your organisation? 

You couldn't survive for long without working IT and the same applies to effective governance arrangements.  They are the safe foundation on which all the rest depends and so must inevitably be included in both your strategic planning and budgeting arrangements.  Once your initial review is complete then good practice requires that it need only occur once every three years. 

Best practice is not cast in stone.  Your organisation is unique, so a one-size standard solution is not the answer.  Your governance arrangements must be suitable for you and enable your organisation to move forward with everything else without worrying that your structures are impeding your progress.

Doing nothing about this very important issue is a risk.  It is said that those who don't take risks are trying to preserve what they have but those who do often end up by achieving more.  What does your organisation want to do next?

If you would like to take advantage of this time-limited offer or need help with any governance, strategic or operational issues just call me and we will start the New Year off just right together.