Can you cope with surprises?

I must confess that I’ve never been too fond of February.  And I don’t think I’m alone.  It usually feels like the world is in waiting, with the weather and the news also conspiring to make us feel a bit low.  I’m told that 31st January is the peak day for people to hand in their notice so that also turns February into limbo-time if you’re waiting for that bright new start. 

However, this year has taken me by surprise.  I’m not in limbo, I’m frantically busy and it will probably be mid-March before I have time to blink.  Yesterday I had to apologise to a potential new client that I could not accommodate the date he wanted in my diary.  That’s a disappointment.

I’m sure you know I’m not going to be moaning about being in this happy position.  I had an inkling back in the autumn when a few things were being pre-booked but the extent of the additional work has taken me a bit by surprise – a very good surprise, of course. The result of all this is that I am relying on meticulous planning, self-discipline and organisation to make everything fit.  More about that in a future blog.

So, let me ask a question.  Have you ever thought about how you cope with surprises at work and at home – and let’s not forget that they can be good news or ones that make us not quite so happy.  What makes you able to cope with anything that is thrown at you with grace and without coming apart at the seams (well not in public at least)?

There are a range of professionalism attitudes and qualities which come into play to help you: self-confidence, politeness, adaptability, professional maturity, responsiveness, responsibility, to name but a few.  Time and experience can help us to acquire and implement these qualities but there are a great many which combine to ensure that we exhibit professionalism in every situation. 

So, what if you are in the early stages of your career or have reached some sort of career decision point and need a guide or road map to help you move in the right direction?  That might be a cue to think about the very definite benefits of finding a mentor who can be there to listen to your questions and to support you in working out the next best step.  

And sometimes we need shortcuts to absorb the right knowledge at exactly the right moment.  So, because I can’t think of anything more important for anyone in the workplace, I’d like to help you to identify and utilise every quality you need to implement your workplace professionalism and ensure that those surprises don’t make your life difficult.  Just click through and use this special code - TREATU2017 to get an 80% discount on the online course, the ABC of Professionalism.  I’m here to help if you get stuck or want to talk things through. 

And as for February, perhaps I should begin to expect more not less happy surprises in the future – time will tell!