How to get what you want without being difficult

My grandmother was a difficult woman. To be fair, I now realise that she was a product of her upbringing, they had very little and fought for everything they achieved. "Tell them what's what!" she would say and, inevitably, she would get her own way but being on the receiving end was not pleasant, and it didn't matter if you were family or not. Her opening salvos were always in broadcast mode and she most definitely was not listening - about anything. In fact, she was always right - no discussion. 

But that never worked for me. Even though I have to admit that, physically, I can see more resemblance to her as I get older and I seem to have inherited some of her dynamic characteristics, I will never allow myself or those around me to employ her tactics. The reasons are simple - they are horrible and they don't work.

In order to achieve what you want or need in any discussion or negotiation, you have to listen carefully.  More than that, you have to employ the greatest professionalism skill of them all, you need to engage your empathy button. You must try to see and understand what is motivating the other person in your discussion or negotiation.  Without doing that, you are likely to fail in achieving a mutually acceptable result. And that would be a pity.

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