It just isn’t cricket!

I know not everyone is a fan of cricket.  Some see it as a slow and uninteresting game but recent developments in creating the 20/20 version of the game have made it much more exciting and watchable.  But, even so, you can’t help but be underwhelmed when a team truly underperforms.  Even the most avid football fan will tell you that everyone can have a bad day.

Take a look at the first game in the current England test series against Pakistan.  The format was the traditional game so you’d think that everyone would know how to play it, nothing fancy, nothing new.  But it was a truly sad spectacle.  This was NOT a team displaying their combined skills, this was a group of individuals who had turned up to bat a few balls around, except for the two youngest, most inexperienced players who, when their turn came, played an absolute blinder and rescued their more senior team mates from total obliteration. 

But individual brilliance still did not mean that you could ignore the fact that the rest of the team didn’t turn up.  Why were they not able to read the situation around them, why did they seem so unprepared, why weren’t they contributing appropriately?

These are big questions for the team coaches and you wonder what on earth they could or should have said to them, both as a team and, perhaps, individually, which meant that effectively a new team turned up for the next test and played so much better.

So, you have to ask yourself, were they confused? Did they not remember that they were supposed to be playing the traditional game that day?  There was one other team member who got it right and he was just doing what he does best, playing his usual game.  You would assume that they’d had some practice so did they just not care enough?

I’m fairly sure that this will ring bells for you in working with those around you because I have certainly seen it on occasion.  The meeting that goes so wrong because no-one seems to have done any prep, the project that comes apart at the seams because it all feels a bit like a headless chicken.  Do you believe that all your colleagues are dedicated to the idea of delivering their very best game on every project, every day, no matter what is going on around them?  I’d hazard a guess that your answer might be ‘sometimes’.   That doesn’t help does it? So could you find a way round the problems you might be encountering?

So here are the questions that we all have to ask ourselves every day:

-  Is my behaviour appropriate for the context in which I find myself?

- Am I going to excel at what I’m good at today?

- Am I confident enough in my skills to know that I’m delivering the very best?

- Am I trying to be something that I’m not?

The best advice that anyone can receive is the right advice at the right time, when it is relevant and when it will help.  Everybody needs that advice at some point in their careers.  So, if you would like to chat, either about your own issues or, perhaps, on behalf of your team, then I’d love to hear from you.  Just give me a call.