Your checklist for returning to work after the summer break

OK, we’re back after our summer break.  Some of us had a restful holiday and some of us weren’t that lucky, even though that was the intention.  Sometimes it just doesn’t work out as we intended does it?  Life just has a habit of getting in the way sometimes even though, with the best of intentions, we turn off the phone and vow to only turn it on once a day – just to check, just in case – and when we do then disaster strikes. Oh dear!
Even so, the time passes and we cope with what needs to be done and then suddenly it’s time to go back to work.  Then we realise that all that planned summer thinking time has gone straight out the window.  So, what do we do?  Well, in truth, we cope and we move on.  Each day is what you make of it and, as I read often in the motivational tweets that keep turning up, you must choose how you deal with what is thrown at you.  It’s your attitude to what happens to you that is the most significant aspect of each day.  And professionalism is all about attitude isn’t it?

If you’re lucky then going back to work is a return to doing what brings you a great deal of satisfaction.  However, going back following a break can also make you face things that you may have just been tolerating for a while.  You may not have had much time to think but the distance may have given you some perspective.  That perspective may mean that you need to confront a need to make a shift of some sort.

We have all stayed in roles or jobs that honestly didn’t make us as happy or fulfilled as their potential once offered.   It can be easier to tolerate the issues than to spend time thinking about what we really want or putting in the effort to do an audit of our skills and examining what would really motivate us to get up in the morning with a smile on our faces.

At this time of year there are probably a lot of people on the move from jobs they don’t like or in an effort to find something more fulfilling.  It might also be quite a relief to get rid of that nightmare boss who fails to appreciate just how much effort you have been putting in or refuses to find a reason to promote you or offer that pay rise you have most definitely earned.  The research shows, by the way, that bad bosses are the thing that people leave, not necessarily the organisations they work for and that’s a great pity and a waste of talent.

So, if you do decide to move and find that magic next role, the next thing you are going to need is a good induction process to get you started in a really positive way.  You may remember that I’ve tackled this before and you can read the blog post here

Interestingly, many similar issues apply when employees return to work after a long absence and you can download my free checklist for returners here.

So, how do you decide if it’s the right time to move?  What do you need to consider which will help you to make that all-important decision?  Writing a ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ list can definitely help to build the evidence for either decision but if you need an objective ear to help with your choices, then I’d love to help you.  Do give me a call or book a one-to-one mentoring slot and we can work through your options.