New start or same old?

We’ve welcomed in the New Year and that’s nice but I have a feeling that a good number of you will be saying ‘OK but it looks a lot like last year’.  So, here’s your problem.  You have a great plan which will enable you to transform the way you work with and talk to your members.  It probably involves some clever new technology that could save you time, stress and precious resources.  But your board won’t commit any funds as they don’t really understand how it could improve the strategy or, indeed, how the tech works because you haven’t been able to recruit a new board member with really forward-looking digital skills.  What are you going to do? 

The need for good governance is thankfully now on everyone’s agenda.  However, there are still far too many associations who have not made any progress on reviewing their governance arrangements in the last three years.  That is a great pity as the need for good governance continues to be recognised as the number one issue for organisations of all types and sizes. 

Client organisations and those I meet when out and about at conferences or networking events tell me that they still struggle to bring up the subject internally, let alone have a rational discussion as to what they should be doing to enable them to develop and move forward.  This inevitably means that those brave plans are likely to be shelved yet again.  That is both frustrating and unnecessary.

Fortunately, we can help and it need not be difficult or costly.

If you are trying to make decisions about where to go for assistance or you would like to talk about the issues you are currently facing, then I’d love to help.The easy first step is just to give me a call and we will find a cunning plan that will put you on the right path.