Small decision, big result

I have never really bought into the whole new year resolutions thing.  If something is important enough that you need to make an effort to change it then surely that can happen at any time of the year.  Yet that doesn’t stop me from thinking about what small adjustment might make a real difference or improvement in my life.

At the moment, we are all increasingly aware of the unpleasant, unhelpful, rude or just plain abusive elements in the public life of this and other countries.  Like you, I find it very distressing and worry about its corrosive effects.

So how can we prevent those kinds of attitudes and behaviours from creeping into our private and work lives?  Well, I made a decision – which I thought in my case was better than making a resolution with its inbuilt potential for failure.  I decided to radically reduce the amount of time I spend watching or reading the news or drifting through Twitter.  LinkedIn is largely work related and, on the whole, politics and abuse-free, so that should be OK although I have reduced my time on that site too. 

The results, so far, are very positive and I can honestly say I feel that I am keeping most of the ‘nastiness’ at bay.  How long it will last, I have no idea.   But so far, so good.  Small decision, big result.

This is a very personal view and may well not be appropriate for everyone but I am sure that there is an adjustment you can make which will help you start the year off in a more positive frame of mind.So let me know if you would like another ear to listen to your decision-making. Do give me a call as I’d love to help.