And what was the question?

We all know that finding ways to achieve great governance is hugely important and, thankfully, now high on everyone’s agenda.

But before getting started on finding that all-important way forward, all organisations need to make sure that they are asking the questions they really want answered.  In other words, are you about to build something on solid foundations?

One of the basic tenets of unpicking any enquiry question is to ALWAYS go back at least one or two steps to check if you are getting right to the bottom of any perceived problem.

As an illustration of why this is so critical, I was recently asked a seemingly innocent question, the answer to which would solve a particular problem.  However, in order to answer it in such a way that it wouldn’t create any further new problems, we unpacked the issue by working backwards a couple of steps to find out whether the organisation was actually asking the right question in the first place.  The act of unpicking the original question and identifying the issues which had led to asking it, ostensibly to find a way out of an immediate difficulty, turned out to be a huge bonus and prevented the organisation from losing a decent chunk of revenue. 

As it turns out, an alternative and better way was found as a result of the more detailed examination of the current context and took them down a different avenue, leading to a much more satisfactory resolution.  It wasn’t a million miles away from the original question but it certainly wasn’t exactly as previously envisaged.

If you would benefit from assistance in asking the right questions or you would like to talk about the issues you are currently facing, then I’d love to help. Just give me a call and we will find your best way forward.