Fresh ideas needed!

This is the kind of headline I really like: "RSPCA brings in wide-ranging governance reforms"which is from ‘Third Sector’ in July this year.

The article relates how the size of their governing board will be cut from 28 to 12 trustees and, additionally, they have agreed a series of wide-ranging reforms to their governance arrangements. The changes will include moving to elected positions, the inclusion of co-opted members and term limits. Amongst other changes they have also modernised the language that describes their governance activities and agreed to enforce their own code of conduct for those involved in governance.

Although the reforms come after a difficult period for the organisation which saw the Charity Commission involved, they are the result of a thorough independent review which offered recommendations on how to move forward.

It is true to say that these new arrangements, now agreed by membership, would be unlikely if the organisation had continued to talk amongst themselves as this brings no new opinions into the conversation. All organisations need to look for new views periodically. In fact, the recommendation from all those who work to help organisations achieve improvements in this sector is that organisations should review their governance arrangements at least every three years.

Looking for those new views will bring new input, from new trustees, new thoughts, from external help in expressing how difficulties might be tackled, from external expertise in providing what other organisations already know or are applying to best effect.

So, if you are trying to make decisions about where to go for assistance or you would like to talk about issues you are currently facing, then I’d love to help. In the first instance it’s just a no-obligation conversation. Do it today.

Just give me a call and we will find your best way forward.