Help them choose you

It’s a bit tough out there at the moment for freelancers and contractors as well as for those who have decided that it is time to try another role.Our current economic and political environment is as complex as it gets, with endless amounts of data to be absorbed, prolonged change having an effect and the drive for survival dictating attitudes to employment types and numbers.The knock-on effects are bound to make those doing the hiring more than a little skittish.Companies appear to be more worried than ever about making the wrong hiring decisions so it is increasingly difficult to land that fabulous role which will suit your talents.

With an ever-increasing pool from which they can choose, who they will bring in to help with them with a project, a particular task or to enlarge their staff numbers for a while?How will they make their selections?Or, looked at from the other side, how can you ensure that you are the one they will want and how will you stand out from all the other applicants?

It goes without saying that you should do your research to ensure that your skills and experience are a good fit with the role you are going for. But that’s probably not enough. Most of those hiring at the moment are looking for the ‘extra’, not just the ability to work well with colleagues, but those additional traits which mean that you can demonstrate your professionalism and why that means that you will contribute more than just the skills listed on the job description. So, how long is it since you completed an honest skills audit on yourself? How long is it since you checked on the most beneficial way of presenting your CV?

The possibilities are endless but the task is to stand out from the crowd. Tough but possible. Most of those in senior-level roles in the public eye are happy to pay tribute to the benefits they have found in relying on talking things over with their mentors. That’s great advice and should be a guide for all of us, at all levels and in any work circumstance.

If you would like to chat about what you are really capable of achieving, then I’d love to help you so do give me a call.