Help them to choose you (part 2)

Professionalism is not a single skill, it’s a set of behaviours, attitudes and character traits which build one on another to create a way of life, a way of reacting to external influences and a secure ability to respond in ways which do you credit at all times. Professionalism shines a light on who you really are and is a reputation builder.

Adopting professionalism as a way to excel in everything you do requires you to be honest with yourself and to continually check in with yourself. In other words, it is about being honest with yourself, as well as others.

So, here are The Golden Rules which act as a handy yardstick for measuring ourselves and our progress:

1- Always striving for excellence
2 - Being trustworthy
3 - Being accountable and taking responsibility for your actions
4 - Being courteous and reliable
5 - Being honest, open and transparent
6 - Being competent and continually learning
7 - Always acting ethically
8 - Always acting honourably and with integrity
9 - Always treating others with respect
10 - Always respecting confidentiality
11 - Setting a good example

Thinking about your abilities is an ongoing and regular task. However, my top tip for the best time to take a moment to assess how you are doing?

It’s immediately after you have been pushed to the very limit of your endurance by someone else’s actions. How did you respond? It’s a great way to see whether your professionalism is totally ingrained and functioning all the time or only surface deep and prone to slip when pushed.

How do you rate? If you, your team or your organisation would like to take a look at these issues in detail then I’d love to help so do give me a call.