The thinking season?

Most of us spend a lot of time at work processing information, looking at data, considering options and would probably say that we take the time to think carefully before we act or decide on anything. However, in truth, a fair amount of that is based on so-called ‘normal’ activities, things we do all the time and which are well rehearsed in our minds so we can make progress quite quickly, i.e. we can get things done.

What most of us are a little less robust about is taking time out to think very deeply or attempt to think in different ways about what we are doing or how it might help our day-to-day. The reasons for not attempting this fairly crucial additional part of our roles are well known. We are all over-committed for time and, although my advice is always to carve out and defend a couple of hours each week in your diary just for ‘me-time’ in which we can catch up with ourselves, those other very important or urgent problems crop up and away goes that precious thinking space.

Even the impressively named ‘planning cycle’ in most organisations can often be just a re-hash of what we did last year and offers no real innovation, often because it was so difficult to get everyone together in the first place that the agenda needs to be safe and ‘doable’ in the time allocated.

However, there is one time in the year when our heads are not crammed with all the day-to-day dramas and data and that, obviously, is the holiday period. As we meander thankfully into the holiday months the diaries get a little clearer and most of us can look forward to some uninterrupted and much-needed rest. After a few days of collapse, your brain will be in rest mode and in freefall. It may, completely unbidden, pop up with some interesting ideas which have probably been lurking hidden and waiting for the chance to surface. Of course, you may be irritated by this and want the work thoughts to go away but I would strongly suggest that you go and find a piece of paper and write those ideas down. They may just be the most valuable thoughts that you have all year and could be your solution to problems which you have endured because you haven’t the time to deal with them.

Depending on how awkward those thoughts are, you may need assistance to talk them through and to deal with issues you are currently facing. It’s what I do best and I’d love to help. Just give me a call and we will find a way to implement your ideas.