Want to stay out of the national press?

There’s an old adage that says any publicity is better than none. Yet in the last few months, in both the national papers and the third sector websites and publications, we are seeing an increasing number of negative stories. They range from incompetence and bullying through to gross fraud and mismanagement. Behind them all will lie the untold stories of stressful working conditions and benefits or services not delivered.

For good news stories you have to rely on conference sessions, awards presentations, the trade press or sector specific journals. Let’s face it, successful governance reviews resulting in streamlined organisations and enhanced member benefits don’t exactly make riveting reading for the nationals – except if you happen to believe in the incredible importance of these activities for all organisations in this sector and the enormous number of people who rely on them getting it right. There are, of course, countless examples of organisations doing it right but, as a proportion of the overall number of organisations in the sector, it simply isn’t enough.

Most, if not all, of these debacles will be analysed and found to be entirely due to poor governance structures, lack of oversight, an unwillingness to change and/or financial mismanagement. All of these grim scenarios can be avoided by proper training and access to readily available expert advice.

So, to avoid any shocking and unwelcome future publicity you should be asking yourself a couple of key questions:

1 - The best advice is to arrange full governance audits at least every three years. How long has it been since our last governance review?
2 - What do we know is a problem which really needs to be resolved?
3 - What could be improved by taking an objective look at how we do things around here?

If the questions feel uncomfortable or if you are not sure how to begin then we would be happy to work with you to make a start.We can be contactedhereand our first discussion will be free of charge.