“Consider this” (1)

“My life is my message" (Gandhi)

It’s been an odd sort of a week. The death of an elderly aunt, and meeting relatives I haven’t seen for a while at the funeral, has meant that we have been thinking and talking about a subject we often take care to step quietly around - the unavoidable passage of time and how we have ‘spent’ our years so far. Unavoidably, you also start thinking about the things which matter most and which are of value in a world in which few things are truly predictable or stable, those people and things which make us feel safe and valued – our core personal support system and how surprisingly small most probably are.

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Reflection not Procrastination

Is this a scenario you recognise? When faced with a task of significant importance or having trouble putting pen to paper, the most menial tasks or distracting activities are suddenly intensely appealing – anything which puts off the dread moment when you actually have to bite the bullet and START.

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Professionalism - A way of being

I am constantly amazed that people still have the power to surprise me.As I have worked my way along the path to launching The Professionalism Group I have been fairly humbled by the generosity of spirit encountered along the way and I would like to use this entry as a massive thank you to all those who have given so freely of their time and offering encouragement at every turn..

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